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Analytics can highlight preferred prosecution strategies for particular examiners. For example, many examiners have notably higher allowance rates after an interview, like MATTER, KRISTEN. Requesting an interview would be a categorically prudent strategy while working with Kristen. In contrast, ZARROLI, MICHAEL—who is in the same art unit as Kristen—has a high initial allowance rate that does not significantly change after an interview. Requesting an interview with Michael would likely be inconsequential with respect to allowance. Patent examiners are not automatons; these kinds of differences are common. Even in the same art unit there are several other examiners like Kristen (e.g. BORISSOV, IGOR and KENNEDY JOSHUA), and several others like Michael (e.g. WONG, ALBERT and JAYNE, DARNELL). This website facilitates effective decision making on an examiner-by-examiner basis.